Me, Arthur and Matt are so in sync with each other now. We really feel like a team. Things would be boring without them. -  Karen Gillan 

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Rory and Amy - Reversed gender characteristics

It really creates a interesting dynamic, Amy has issues settling, she changes jobs, while Rory has a typical feminine job. Amy loves Rory, but was always less intrigued with the idea of getting married and settling down, while Rory never questioned it. Rory is more caring towards others, a characteristic usually assigned to female characters, while Amy have a habit of being somewhat rude, and may be perceived as cold. Rory is better at expressing his feelings and showing emotions than Amy, who have a habit hiding her emotions behind sarcasm and rude name calling. Amy also have somewhat of a habit of being more physically violent than Rory, and more comfortable with the idea of guns. It doesn’t mean Amy doesn’t have feminine aspects - she did work as a model, and Rory enjoys his cars, but I think mainly they fight society’s idea on gender roles. 

I blog about it, and he forgets his pants.

I blog about it, and he forgets his pants.



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